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My research investigates how technologies influence human health. I explore the needs of individuals, families, and healthcare providers to first deeply understand these contexts and then create human-centered solutions to help people reach their health-related goals. I have designed together with firefighters, healthcare providers, and patients.

Eleanor R. Burgess, PhD
User Experience Researcher
Elevance Health, Carelon Digital Platforms

In my research, I want to know how technology ecosystems like the picture above (including social media, voice/video calls, online games, music, journals, among many other tools) influence people's self-management of their health.


          Mental health focus: My dissertation investigated how people managing depression use technologies for support, particularly how technologies can support collaboration and connection to manage day-to-day mental health. I call this health management work collaborative self-management of depression.

Blog Posts


Critically, understanding people's sociality -- why they make decisions to move between and interact with others within a variety of physical and online spaces -- is essential to learn people's mental health support strategies and challenges. From this contextual understanding, we can develop digital mental health tools and interventions, education, and other solutions to empower individuals to reach their health and life goals in the context of today's digital world.

US-UK Fulbright.png

During my Fulbright year, I earned my Masters in Technology Entrepreneurship at University College London. In my PhD program in Media, Technology & Society at Northwestern University, I studied depression and technology use. Working in the PITCH Lab, I researched and collaborated with care managers and individuals managing depression to support mental healthcare delivery and digital mental health interventions. I am currently a User Experience Researcher at at Anthem Health Platforms working on health technology products. See my projects here.

Created “Mask Up” PSA to promote wearing face masks (Jun-July 2020)
  • Collaboration with comic artist Alex Cohen (@Tiny Snek Comics)

  • Conducted research for informative 4-panel comic to fill gap in information landscape

  • Day 1 statistics: Facebook (2.1K likes, 1.5K shares, 130K reach); Instagram (10K likes, 2.9K shares, 69K reach); Twitter (1K likes, 600 retweets, 60K reach)

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